Single People Can’t Give Advice!

“Single people can’t give relationship advice because they’ve failed at maintaining a successful relationship.” Bullshit alert! This whole “single people can’t give advice,” concept irks me to the tenth power. *screams* People act like the art of being single is a disease, and anyone with that “disease” should just shut up and live their miserable, […]

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23 Life Crisis pt. 2

Adios 23! 24, what's good?

Read part one here. My “23 life crisis” is what I’ve infamously titled my 23rd year of life… …because I’m not quite 25, so it’s not exactly a quarter-life crisis, but it feels exactly like one. My wild, drunken, adventurous 23rd birthday in Atlanta (Dec. 2015) seems like it was just yesterday! It’s almost as if […]

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