Fitness Journey To 160!

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So, I’m “restarting” my fitness journey! Hooray! I purchased the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer (a belly sweatband) and it came in the mail today so I’m extra hype. (Use code FIT15 to get 15% off!) I’m traveling a TON this year it seems, so I definitely want to look and feel my best while doing […]

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Self-Love Isn’t Pretty

“Love yourself girl or nobody will.” – J.Cole A self-love journey isn’t as pretty, fun, or easy as everyone makes it seem. Self-love is not just getting your hair and nails done every two weeks, going shopping, or going out for a few drinks… The truth is, it hurts. It gets rough. No one talks about […]

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Substance Beneath The Beauty

substance beneath the beauty

What good is a pretty face if there’s no substance beneath the beauty? In an older post, I talked about feeling like “Chasing My 20s,” Destiny wasn’t or isn’t as real and raw as Destiny from, “As Told By Destiny…” One day in October, I remember feeling defeated, unhappy and unmotivated. I didn’t want to eat, […]

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