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Vegetarian Journey ft. The Master Cleanse

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I began this vegetarian journey on Feb. 22nd, making it approximately 3 weeks and 1 day since I’ve last eaten meat. Hooray! *throws confetti*

All of my vegetarian friends told me I’d begin to feel lighter and so much better overall, but I don’t really feel a difference at all. I personally think it’s because I was never a crazy meat-eater anyway so there wasn’t much for my body to adjust to, if that makes sense. That could change by the time I update again, so I won’t speak too soon. Also, I haven’t lost any visible weight, but I refuse to check the scale. I’ll start taking measurements in week 4.

In my last post, I said something about considering this new lifestyle change something like a detox…well, I lied. The one thing I can admit to struggling with is my sweet tooth. Ugh. It’s BAD! I feel like I need dessert with every meal and I don’t! At this point, eating two donuts in the morning, a Rice Krispy treat at lunch and a monster cookie with ice cream on top at dinner is probably equivalent to eating a slab of ribs with chicken tenders on the side.

Seriously, I’ll do better. The first step is admitting it. LOL!

Aside from my sugar addiction, not eating meat has been fairly easy. Last week I craved chicken, but made it through the temptation. I’ve spent a lot of time at Chipotle eating veggie bowls (brown rice, black beans, cheese, lettuce and medium salsa) and I kind of like guacamole now. I’ve also tried hummus and baba ganoush, both of which I hated, but I’m not opposed to trying either again. While out to eat with friends at restaurants, I get chips and queso, a vegetable platter or anything that allows me to incorporate eggs and potatoes.

Being completely honest, this is not hard at all! The only issue I’ve truly had is the lack of convenient options and that’s a given considering what’s being offered at fast food restaurants these days. I’ve quickly learned that in order to truly succeed at this lifestyle, you have to be prepared at all times; nothing is convenient. Also, I eventually want to cut out carbs or do a low, low-carb diet just to test the waters. We’ll see!

I’m tackling The Master Cleanse A.K.A. The Lemonade Diet!

Master Cleanse IngredientsThe Master Cleanse is a 10-day liquid detox that promotes extreme weight loss in little to no time. People see results in up to seven days, and if completed correctly, can lose 10-20 pounds. What’s the catch? You can’t eat. No, seriously. It’s a 10-day fast minus the liquid concoction. (Some people go 21 days and apparently Beyoncé went 40.) Tap the link above for details and ingredients. I plan to prep myself for the cleanse/diet tomorrow until Saturday and begin Sunday morning for the next 10 days. I’m hoping to lose 10 pounds or more as a serious jumpstart to my weight-loss journey.

I’m not afraid of gaining the weight back because I plan on getting extremely strict with my vegetarianism from that point on, and from there I’ll begin to incorporate more cardio and ultimately burn more fat. From the research I’ve done, most people don’t workout during the 10-day fast and typically only gain their weight back if they eat crappy immediately after. I didn’t see any horror stories or read about any trips to the ER, so that’s always a plus.

Lastly, I read to ease in and out of the fast for obvious reasons. If you aren’t mentally prepared to fast for 10 days, you won’t make it through and if you binge eat the day after, you’ll be terribly sick and risk putting your body into shock.

I would seriously suggest watching multiple YouTube videos about it, taking notes and doing a bit of research for yourself before accepting the challenge. If you want to join me, I’m starting THIS Sunday, March 19th!

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