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Self-Love Journey: Faith

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Welcome To My Self-Love Journey!

Self-Love Journey

I’ve had the urge to revisit my self-love journey for various reasons and thought I should share what I discover, as well as what I want to discover, along the way!

Besides, a self-love journey never truly ends. You never stop discovering new ways to love and care for yourself! You’re constantly evolving, adding and subtracting both necessary and unnecessary parts, and so on.

You have to define self-love for yourself.

Self-love for me is the act of putting yourself first, in each and every way possible. It’s surrounding yourself with reciprocal relationships, positivity, love, support and encouragement – at all times. Self-love is being whole with or without someone or something. It’s being able to fill your own cup up when there’s no one around to pour into you, and/or once the pouring has stopped.

The first thing I want to accomplish while on this journey is really buckling down on my relationship with God. I always find myself reaching out to Him when I’m in need, and never really just because.

Knowing my faith and spirituality is solid is extremely reassuring for me. Not to sound cliche, but it’s really actually like an armor. I feel invincible when I know my faith and relationship with God is on the right path…so I need to get that back!

I’ve started by reading various plans from the Bible app and taking extra time out of my day to talk to God about whatever it is I’m harboring mentally, emotionally and subconsciously. I’ve also made it a point to thank Him for what I do have instead of immediately asking for something.

When I do finally ask for help, I ask for peace, patience, understanding and guidance. I struggle so much with forgiveness, being patient, learning my lesson(s) in different situations, and taking the path HE has set for me vs. my own.

I’ve learned most recently that He can’t fix anything you won’t let go of. Why ask for help if you’re going to continue to harp on it? He can’t fix it if you won’t let Him.


Meditate and reflect.

If you’re looking for a way to make more time for your relationship with God, meditation or just some self-reflection, I would definitely encourage driving in silence and using that time to reflect and meditate before and after work, or even on your lunch break. Silence for me is peaceful, so I take full advantage of the opportunity.

You can talk to God whenever, wherever. Just go for it!

Be mindful of the things you take in.

I log out of my social media accounts when I feel myself getting overwhelmed with everyone else’s thoughts, opinions and issues. I also don’t mind removing anyone who doesn’t suit the journey I’m embarking on. The things we surround ourselves with are ultimately the things we digest. Make sure you’re digesting healthy, spiritually and mentally beneficial things.

Get a journal.

If you’re not into the traditional pen and paper type of journaling, use the notes app on your phone! Write down everything! Share with yourself when you struggle with something, when you’ve overcome something, when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and when you’re feeling your absolute best. I even write my prayers down from time to time.

We want to remember the good, the bad and the ugly. Recording your progress is so beneficial and it feels amazing when you finally look back and see how far you’ve come!


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