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My Vegetarian Journey: I’m Eating Meat Again?

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It’s true. I’m eating meat again.

Four whole months into my vegetarian journey, I decided to kick my no-meat eating habits to the curb and fulfill my carnivore cravings.

I honestly just woke up one day and said, “I want chicken.” I really couldn’t fight the urge anymore.

I was low on energy, hungry and couldn’t really stomach the thought of anything else.

So, in May, I decided I would re-introduce my digestive system to chicken, turkey, and fish.

The first few weeks, my body immediately rejected it, if you catch my drift. LOL.

(If you’ve been following my vegetarian journey, you’ll know I did The Master Cleanse, which strongly suggests taking up a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle after completion).

I was doing SO good, but with my uncontrollable craving, being vegetarian at that exact moment was way too much work for what I was dealing with.

No, I don’t regret eating meat, but I can definitely say I’m ready to return to my vegetarian ways.

Overall, it’s just a better lifestyle and provides your body with some amazing long-term results you wouldn’t otherwise get, especially with meat in your diet.

Maybe I’ll go ahead and write a post about the benefits of being vegetarian. I’ve learned so much about my health since cleansing and cutting meat from my diet, and it wasn’t a hard transition at all!

I haven’t decided exactly when I’ll return to my vegetarian lifestyle, but just know it’s coming soon.

Eating meat here recently has made me feel so disgusting and horrible that I just don’t want anything else to do with it. I guess you could say it was one of those temporary pleasures and now I feel bad for doing it. LOL!

I may transition throughout the remainder of this year and start fresh in 2018 for the sake of easing through the holiday season and making sure I stay healthy until I find the proper protein substitutes and recipes to match.

If you want to join me, feel free! Spend the next few months doing plenty of research and deciding which lifestyle is best for YOU and YOUR health in the long run! That’s what I’ll be doing!

I’ll be here if you have any questions or need some motivation!

– Destiny.

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