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New Year, New Faith!

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New Year, New Faith | Chasing My 20s | Inspiration

New Year, New Faith!

It’s no secret that being consistent with my faith and spiritual journey has been a challenge for me. In 2017, I started working on praying at all times. I’d pray when things couldn’t be better and when it seemed as though my life was spiraling out of control.

I asked God to help me respond, not react. To help me be patient, at peace with my situation, and most importantly, to help me be thankful for my current trials.

It may seem weird to be thankful for the things that are causing you grief, but I’ve learned that nothing we experience is in vain. Every trial we encounter somehow serves a greater purpose, and for that, we really should be thankful.

In mid-late 2017, I made it a point to make more time for God and it began to show through the way I handled certain people and situations. I was finally calm, slow to react to things that angered me, at peace and genuinely content.

There wasn’t any one thing I wanted that I didn’t have or couldn’t be patient for. I had clarity.

Everything was great! Obviously a little too great, because I stopped praying as much. Honestly, I stopped talking to God altogether…and low and behold, that was when things suddenly began to get too heavy.

That’s where and how I am consistently inconsistent with my faith.

Going forward, I don’t ever want things to get too good or too heavy for me before I realize I’m no longer utilizing my faith in God.

With all of that being said, I absolutely could not miss the first Sunday of 2018.

This week’s scripture was Jeremiah 29:11.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

The message was pretty much about not dwelling on yesterday and instead focusing on your tomorrow in order to make the most out of your new year ALL year and not just for the first month or two.

Don’t become the nostalgia of your yesterday that you miss the Destiny for your tomorrow.

Basically, God can’t bring anything new into your life until you let go of what happened yesterday. You have to declare it’s over – whatever thoughts, feelings or ideas that are keeping you from what God has planned.

Change your mindset in 2018. You will not enjoy 2018 if you continue to talk about 2017.

God will give you new tools for new battles when HE thinks you can handle it. Don’t worry about anyone else’s tools, gifts or talents.

Your authenticity is your superpower!

That line really hit home for me because I’ve been so caught up in creating this “aesthetic” that I kind of lost my authenticity both as a writer and blogger. I am who I am and I have to embrace that fully in order to make substantial use of my superpower.

God has to be the full source of your supply. Trust the gift God gave you and your gift will make room for you.

Also, when you seek Him with all your heart, you will reach Him. Instead of calling on people who will watch your call come and go, call God because He always answers.


  1. God is not finished with you yet!
  2. Stop reliving yesterday!
  3. Trust the tools God has given you!
  4. Declare better!

This sermon confirmed a LOT of the things I plan to accomplish in 2018 along with the tools I have to make it happen. It also double confirmed my purpose here on earth as a messenger and how I am definitely here to use my gift to help others and I need to get back to being my authentic self in order to do so. Lastly, it confirmed for me that there is greater ahead if I declare it, and I have to stop reliving yesterday so I’m able to see the things that await me tomorrow because…God is not finished with me yet.


  1. Love everything about this! Sometimes “new year” topics are disappointing but this was actually so inspiring, and the “authentic self” is just such a beautiful point.

  2. Love these takeaways. I’m recently heard someone say that most of us don’t know the difference between praying and wishing so we wish instead of pray. That really stuck with me and has been helping me to rethink what prayer is and its place in my life.

    • Wow! I’ve never considered that!! And it’s so true now that I think about it. I’ve definitely found myself wishing I didn’t have to go through this or that, or that something would work out and that’s definitely not gonna get through to God. Thanks for reading and giving me something new to think about! 😊

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