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Change Is Inevitable

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Change is inevitable. Why hold onto what you have to let go of?

-Jhene Aiko “Spotless Minds”

“Is the pain worth waiting for the inevitable?”

This question came to me in a dream one night back in September. It literally popped up on my phone as an incoming iMessage from an active person in my life.

It was one of those situations where I had asked God to show me a sign so I could make the necessary decisions in moving forward and this was what I got.

Though I’d asked for it, it really caught me off guard.

When I say it woke me ALL the way up, I mean I could not even fathom going back to sleep peacefully.

It was clear as day…and even came directly from the person I had been praying and inquiring about. While I knew it was THE sign, I still questioned it anyway.

Why do we question the blatant signs we continuously beg God to send us? What good is asking for help if you’re still planning to do it your way anyway? 

Why do we question the blatant signs we continuously beg God to send us? What good is asking for help if you're still planning to do it your way anyway? Click To Tweet

I don’t have an answer, but I’m learning that I can’t ask God to take control of a situation I won’t let go of. I can’t be upset at the trouble I encounter when I choose to ignore the warning signs.

So, back to the dream…

At the time, I said yes. Yes, the pain is worth the inevitable. I didn’t verbally come out and agree to this, but my actions did.

I knew good and well my decision, along with going against what I had been shown, was not going to provide the results I had hoped for…but my lack of faith caused me to question Him and go for it anyway.

Now, I ask myself that same question as I sit here facing an escalated version of the same trial I could have overcome months ago, and my answer is no.

The pain is NOT worth waiting for the inevitable.

I know this situation is a lost cause and I knew that when God told me so, but now I refuse to wait for the trials to come when I know I can avoid them by walking away and allowing the chips to fall where they may — because that’s where they were going to fall regardless of my interference.

All I got from trying to do things my way was a few bumps and bruises I never had to get.

My message here is to trust God fully if you say you trust Him. Stop questioning and ignoring the signs you’ve asked for countless times.

What’s meant to happen will be — without your interference. So, just sit back and watch God work. He knows who, what and when things are beneficial and/or harmful to us, and He will act accordingly. But, He can’t do His job if you won’t let Him.

Let go, let God.

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