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Securing The Bag

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Securing The Bag | Chasing My 20s

Securing The Bag

I spent a lot of time playing myself small after graduating from college when it came to applying for jobs. I knew I had the skills to apply for a better position than the one I was in, but would faithfully talk myself out of doing so.

It was the fear of rejection. It’s a horrible, horrible thing.

So, I saw a position open up within my company and I applied for it. I knew I wasn’t completely qualified, but I could absolutely make it work with my skill set. I got an interview and it went well, but I never heard back. A few weeks later, I saw the position post to the internal job board, along with the job recipient. In that same few weeks, I got a call for a similar position that was coming available also within my company, and also within the marketing department — the department I had been soooo anxious to get to since first becoming employed at my company.

The woman on the phone tells me the previous interviewer shared my resume with her and it was very fitting for the position she was looking to fill. She asked me if I was still interested and told me to go ahead and submit my application so she could take a look at it.

Look at God!

This is the literal form of “when one door closes, another one opens.” Crazy, right? Just when I had prepared myself to begin another job search, this happens.

So I apply, I get an interview and go through the entire process that lasted about three weeks. It was a pretty long interview process and I was indescribably anxious to know if I had gotten the position. I prepared like crazy for the series of interviews and prayed every single night for God to open this door for me. I had a good feeling about it, but the excruciating waiting period was beginning to stir up a little self-doubt.

Patience. Another thing I struggle with.

I don’t remember exactly what day of the week it was, but I remember getting a call from HR asking me if I would like to accept the offer or if I needed time to think about it. If I could have said “HELL YES I ACCEPT,” I definitely would have. lol. I didn’t need to think about a DANG thing. This was it!

What’s so crazy about this entire situation, is that I almost didn’t apply for the first opening because I didn’t feel I was qualified. Thank God my mom pushed me to apply anyway, because that first closed door was just the scenic route to the door I had been praying and dreaming about opening for the past two years.

And what’s also crazy, is that I remember telling my mom I felt as though my (previous) position would be a temporary thing. It wasn’t something I could fully explain, and still can’t, but I felt in my soul that it wouldn’t be a permanent place for me.

I like to think God was preparing me to shift then, I just didn’t know it yet. Whew!

I finally feel like I’m on the path to my dream career and it feels absolutely a-maz-ing. I literally wake up so excited to go to work and to do something I love and am passionate about. And, I thank God every single morning for providing me with an opportunity to expand and grow when I needed it the most.

This is a testimony to anyone who feels like they’re stuck in a rut, under qualified for a position or title, or just not quite ready to take that leap of faith — just do it! The only thing holding you back is YOU! You never know who needs exactly what you bring to the table. Secure the bag.

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