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quarter-life crisis averted

Before I turned 25, it felt as though I was having a quarter-life crisis or something alike every single year.

I was so conflicted about where my life was going and what I was planning to do with my degree if I didn’t plan on going back for my Masters — and I didn’t plan on doing that at all. I considered it from time to time just to make myself feel like I was doing (or planning to do) something significant.

Most of my early twenties were spent recreating this lifestyle I thought I was missing out on. Turning up and being what I thought was an “adult.” I wanted my freedom more than financial stability. Anything to say I had my own place, own car and could finally do what the fck I wanted. I was living the life I thought was the epitome of being 23. It seemed like the ultimate peak…or maybe I should call it my high, because the same lifestyle that seemed and felt so euphoric would wind up being the beginning of what could have been my destruction…

Now I’m sitting here almost two years later, a homeowner and a single mother. Two titles I never thought I’d  wear so suddenly, and definitely not at 25. But here I am, overflowing in love and gratitude with it all. Riding this wave and trusting the process.

I guess that’s why we call life a journey; things can always take a turn. Usually when you least expect it.

Anywho, this quarter-life milestone has proven itself to be very fulfilling thus far. Everything seems to be falling into place so beautifully, it’s almost hard to believe this is actually my life.

I know it’s only August, but I feel like it’s safe to say…crisis averted. *knocks on wood*