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Applaud Yourself

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I stopped telling social media certain things because the applause of others was starting to outweigh my own — and that’s a problem.


I stopped telling social media certain things because the applause of others was starting to outweigh my own -- and that's a problem. Click To Tweet


Just sit back and think about how often we (subconsciously) seek validation and don’t even notice. We find ourselves posting every little accomplishment on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, just waiting for someone to schmooze us with how proud they are — when we know most of em’ don’t really care.

Do we ever stop to think of how some people are just setting themselves up for negative energy? As we all know, everyone isn’t your true friend on social media…and they damn sure all don’t have your best interest at heart. They’re just there to take notes and see if you’re doing better than them.

So, here we are, letting the world in on our most precious, sacred and intimate moments — all  for a couple hundred likes, comments and retweets. Questioning ourselves, our achievements and our purpose — because of what the next person is doing.

We’re craving the idea of someone else reaffirming our thought, action or decision. Yearning for that satisfying high. Letting the moment live us, and trying to relive it later.

Live in the moment NOW.

Everyone on social media doesn’t have to be a part. It’s okay to keep things to yourself.

Rarely ever do we consider that maybe the grass in their yard isn’t as green as they make it seem. Or that maybe they only show us the positive, happy moments. Realistically, people want you to see them in the best light possible. They want all of their milestones to be known, the struggles they’ve overcome and just how great they are as a whole. We’re all narcissists in some way. So, hell no…they’re not posting about their internal battles, struggles or mishaps.

I say all of that to say, don’t let your mishaps make you feel like you’re not on track because of what you see on social media. The people you find yourself envious of aren’t sharing every hiccup they have, because no one wants to see that! Plus, we’re all running our own race. Fuck what the next person has going on! Nine times out of ten, it’s “only on camera.” *Drake voice*

Message: Don’t allow yourself to become so consumed with social media that you don’t see the value in the things you’ve accomplished. Don’t let outsiders and people who essentially don’t matter, make you feel as though you need their approval or reassurance to confirm you’ve done something worth applauding.

Applaud yourself. Always.

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