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5 questions dating | Chasing My 20s

When it comes to dating long-term, there are just some things you may not be able to compromise on. That’s why you should ask the person you’re dating these 5 questions before things get serious. 

(Not listed in order of importance and I’m clearly not a relationship expert lol).

1. What is their love language? 

Knowing how someone naturally gives and receives love is important to know and understand at all times; it is especially important when communicating with your partner. What worked for your last three relationships may not work for your next one.

Take the quiz now to find out your love language. I like to do this with the guys I’m dating pretty early on. It makes me feel like I have just a little more insight about the way they operate.

2. What are their religious/political views?

What do they believe in and how does that align with your views? You don’t want to later find out you’re sharing a child with someone who may not acknowledge the same holidays, traditions and ideals as you. 

3. What are their familial relationships and history like?

What are things like with their family? Are kids involved? Baby mama drama? Does he think all women are trash because his mom skipped out on him when he was 12? Do they have self-esteem issues? Are they emotionally scarred from a traumatic experience? 

These are all things you need to know before you even think about what it’d be like to meet bae’s mom and dad, or child(ren). 

4. Why did their last relationship end?

There comes a time in life when you have to suck it up and realize all of your past relationships failed because YOU are the problem. Seek help, fix it and move on. Let’s hope your next boo has already experienced this come to Jesus moment. But seriously, you don’t want to repeat the cycle. And, being aware of the signs beforehand helps you steer clear.

5. What are their goals in life? Where do they plan to be in the next couple of years?

You don’t want to find yourself in a stagnant relationship where you’re not being challenged and the environment fails to promote growth. Is he/she all talk and no action? What’s their 5-year plan? Can you see that they’re working to achieve the goals they speak of? Just make sure you’re not infatuated with who you want them to be and are actually seeing them for who they are. 

I really hope this helps someone eliminate the fuck boys and gals in their lives before things get too deep. And, remember, we don’t have to experience hurt, heartbreak or trauma in order to find or experience love. 


Photo by Matthieu Huang.