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Dominican Republic Adventures | Travel

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My trip to the Dominican Republic was an amazing experience that I am so happy to have shared with my line sisters as we celebrated five years of sisterhood together.

Dominican Republic
“Your friends are foes, my friends are goals.” – Beyoncé

First and foremost, seeing so many brown people who look just like me was absolutely the best part. Outside of that, the palm trees, turquoise ocean water and white sand beaches were all equally amazing.   

Excursions, Food, Locals & Clubbing

We zip-lined over and across the jungle, swam in the Hoya Azul (Blue Hole), went snorkeling, parasailing and had a blast on a party boat with a lot of random people looking to get lit just like us. 

I got to try authentic chicken and cheese empanadas (not a fan). We did a cigar tour and got to taste raw cocoa /chocolate, too. I also brought some loose leaf tea and raw Dominican honey home.

We went to their local club “Drink Point” twice while we were there. It was a good time both nights, but Sunday night was definitely one for the books. It was pretty much “The Hangover: Girls Edition.” I would share every detail, but what happens in the Dominican Republic stays in the Dominican Republic. haha.

Y’all…Dominican men are extremely possessive and aggressive. They insist you are their girlfriend within minutes of talking or dancing with them. Had we not been paying attention while off the resort, we could have gotten snatched up a few times.

Resort Life

Our resort, Iberostar Punta Cana, was decent…but again, the food was definitely mediocre. The atmosphere was great, however, I wasn’t impressed with the room, the pool or the resort restaurants that required reservations. I may just have high expectations because I felt the same about The Royalton in Cancun, Mexico. lol.

If you don’t know Spanish, learn it! Running across someone who speaks great english is pretty rare. I’m very thankful for my three years of Spanish in college.

All in all, our AKAversary trip was a success! And, while I don’t have any desire to return to the Dominican Republic, I am already looking forward to my next international adventure.

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