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Dear Year 26…

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Dear year 26, I pray that you are filled with lots of love, laughter, peace and intentionality. 

I’m officially at the end of my mid-twenties and the thought of that just seems insane. 

I spent my 26th birthday around friends, family and folks with great vibes. Year 25 gave me lots of laughter, love, tears, anger and confusion, but I still managed to push through and come out on top and unscarred. 

Year 26 | Chasing My 20s |

I’m so thankful for my support system and the people who have worked so hard to keep me grounded, encouraged and overflowing with genuine love and support. 

True friends with good intentions are so rare and extremely hard to come by, yet here I am, surrounded by so many people who love me unconditionally.

Thank you to the friends I have that are truly rooting for me no matter what. You guys are the REAL MVPs.

Let’s hope year 26 brings me more wisdom, more love and more amazing memories with amazing people. 

It’s been so real year 25, but thank u, NEXT! 

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