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Start Fresh: New Year, New You

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The start of a new year (for me) is always a great opportunity to refocus, repurpose, recenter and reclaim.

Refocus, Repurpose, Recenter, Reclaim

I like to use the end of the year as a time to reflect and sort through my failures. Try to figure out why it happened and what you can do to avoid similar mistakes in the future. I also use this time to map out my new goals and intentions and claim my success for the year ahead.

In 2019, my mental, emotional and spiritual peace will be my number one priority.

My self-care will always overpower how anyone else feels about me putting myself first. I sacrificed way too much of my peace this past year for the sake of making other people comfortable. That ends now.

Why should we continuously sacrifice our peace and happiness for people who are blatantly inconsiderate of ours?

Going forward, if it doesn’t make me happy, if it doesn’t add any value to my life and if it doesn’t bring me peace–it must go. This includes ending meaningless relationships, clearing out my friends lists, timelines and feed’s, and surrounding myself with people who love, support and pour into me without looking to reciprocate in some way.

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I hope this inspires someone to get rid of any extra baggage they’ve been holding onto for the sake of sparing someone’s feelings. Weighing yourself down so others can fly freely isn’t fair to you. You deserve peace and happiness just as much as the next person does. So, if letting them go means reclaiming yourself, your purpose and your peace…well, so be it.


Remember, you never need a new year to start fresh. Do it now.

If it doesn't make me happy, if it doesn't add any value to my life and if it doesn't bring me peace--it must go

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