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A while ago–almost a year ago–my pastor preached about being authentic. He emphasized being your true, authentic self and understanding and accepting the idea that what’s for you is truly for you.

“Your authenticity is your superpower,” he shouts.

I won’t sit here and lie. I felt personally attacked by his statement. It was like his words were specifically for me. And, in that moment, it clicked.

There is absolutely no reason to be envious of someone else or want what the things they have when God has something special specifically for you.

Your authenticity is your superpower.

If you’re not being true to yourself, how can anyone else be true to you? How can you reach the finish line God has placed you on the path of, if you’re too busy wandering down someone else’s?

Somehow, this ideology has come back to me today as a gentle reminder of some sort to snap out of it.

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I pray everyone who runs across this message finds something valuable in what I’ve shared. We have all been placed on this earth for a specific cause–different from your friends, your parents, your colleagues and siblings. We need to spend less time questioning our journey’s and more time embracing our bumps in the road–myself included.

Say it with me:

In 2019, I am embracing and showcasing exactly who I am–unapologetically. I have nothing to lose by being the individual God has crafted me to be, or by fulfilling the purpose he has given me to fulfill. I will embrace my journey, I will embrace my timing and most importantly, I will embrace my authenticity.

What makes you authentic? Have you discovered your purpose? Let’s talk about it in the comments.