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Live, Love, Destiny!

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First off, this is not the death of Chasing My Twenties. It is simply a rebirth. I plan to have this site transitioned to what I’ve envisioned for it by the end of 2019. Stay tuned and subscribe to the quarterly newsletter for updates! The next issue goes out on April 1.

Live, Love, Destiny is a safe space I’ve created for self-discovery and the trials of life, love and spirituality. This is my new home. This is where I will document my journey as I turn a new leaf and become anew in mind, body and spirit.

As I transition into true adulthood, I find myself growing and evolving into my true self and this is my new space to showcase this journey of growth in life, love and spirituality as I continue to unravel and discover exactly who I am.

God told me to share my life and its struggles. He told me the success and satisfaction I’ve been seeking will come from being genuine and true to myself and Him–no one else. Lastly, God said I’d never be able to shine my light on others and help them live and love their truth(s) if I didn’t first live, love and heal from my own.

That spoke volumes to me. Volumes!

Healing and self-discovery comes from allowing yourself to feel and experience the good, bad and ugly. It’s accepting your reality, working through it and then using your lesson(s) to be a light to others.

I’m ready to shine! Are you?

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  1. Sharda says

    Love this update! Congratulations on your 1 year home ownership, starting “Live, Love, Destiny,” photography and writing services. Girl, you’re moving! I thank God for exposing me to people like you. Keep being a blessing!

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