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Meet Destiny

Chasing Destiny


Hmm, so this is where I tell you all about me, eh…

Well, I’m a work-in-progress, to say the least; capable of changing with the wind most times. I’m unpredictable and hard to keep up with, but I like it that way. A free spirit at best, but people often misunderstand my constant need for freedom, space and exploration. I’m an impatient ambivert and a true Sagittarius. I enjoy creating the mysteries of life. I overthink the smallest concepts anddddd I find peace in being in control of everything.

I’m falling in love with the process of manifesting my thoughts, perfecting and protecting my energy, learning how to properly love and enjoy myself, growing my faith and expanding my horizons both mentally and spiritually.

Here’s my WHY…

Why do I write?

Writing has always been my escape from the real world. It’s a written release of the thoughts, feelings and emotions I can’t always find the words to say; my favorite form of self-expression. I’ve always felt like seeing my words “on paper” was healing in a way. It makes me feel like someone is listening even if it’s just my journal and I.

I share myself with the world because God has declared me a messenger. I know for a FACT this is my purpose.

I have so much respect and appreciation for writers and creators who are unapologetically raw and transparent with their craft. Not everyone wants to read about rainbows when they’re dealing with a series of scattered thunderstorms, ya know? We want to read things we can relate to; those raw, everyday life struggles. That’s why I always aim for honesty and transparency.

Plus, it feels good to know people can relate to what I’ve been through or am currently going through. And, the possibility that someone will one day encounter my exact obstacles or share my exact feelings about something makes me so grateful to be able to share my real life experiences to let them know they are not in this alone.

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