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I Never Thought I’d Get Over Him

I never thought I'd get over him...I still often times wonder if I have. Have you? I asked myself. The question remains unanswered. There are good days, bad days and days words just can't ... READ the POST

My Vegetarian Journey

As of Feb. 21st, I am officially a vegetarian (a trial-run vegetarian).  What helped me make this decision? For starters, I used to eat horribly throughout my senior year of high school and early ... READ the POST

Why Are You Single?

The dreaded question I'm finally ready to answer. I'm single because... I require too much substance from those who aren't willing to, or are incapable of giving it. It's always the fake "deep" ... READ the POST

Apartment Hunting? | Consider These 7 Things Before Signing Your First Lease

You're finally leaving the nest, eh? I can totally imagine how exciting (and nerve-racking) it is to finally start apartment hunting and eventually move into your very own space. For some of you, ... READ the POST