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Who Hurt You?

I try so hard not to be the "hurt" girl. You know, the girl who claims she has trust issues, the "damn, who hurt you?" girl. Or, the girl who remains guarded for as long as humanly possible because ... READ the POST

Single People Can’t Give Advice!

"Single people can't give relationship advice because they've failed at maintaining a successful relationship." Bullshit alert! This whole "single people can't give advice," concept irks me to the ... READ the POST

23 Life Crisis pt. 2

Read part one here. My "23 life crisis" is what I've infamously titled my 23rd year of life... ...because I'm not quite 25, so it's not exactly a quarter-life crisis, but it feels exactly like ... READ the POST

2017 New Year’s Resolutions

2017 New Year's Resolutions! YAY! It's almost time to bring in a new year with people you know and love, or maybe even with people you hardly know. Either way, be safe and make smart decisions. ... READ the POST