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Dear Diary…|#1

Life has truly been an emotional rollercoaster lately. A lot of times I want to come to my blog and share my true, raw thoughts, but I no longer feel like this is my safe place. It feels like a ... READ the POST

Dominican Republic Adventures | Travel

My trip to the Dominican Republic was an amazing experience that I am so happy to have shared with my line sisters as we celebrated five years of sisterhood together. "Your friends are foes, my ... READ the POST

The Dating Game

I guess it's about that time, eh? I've decided to try my hand once again with the dating game.  "You miss 99 percent of the shots you don't take."- Unknown Twitter Honey Since getting some of my ... READ the POST

5 Questions To Ask Before Things Get Serious

When it comes to dating long-term, there are just some things you may not be able to compromise on. That's why you should ask the person you're dating these 5 questions before things get ... READ the POST