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5 Questions To Ask Bae Before Getting Serious

When it comes to dating long-term, there are just some things you may not be able to compromise on. That's why you should ask the person you're dating these 5 questions before things get ... READ the POST

The Making of a MILF: Chapter Two

Pumping/Breastfeeding & The "Snapback" I recently stopped breastfeeding due to my supply dropping to almost nothing for some unknown reason. Yes, I absolutely have mom guilt for that. It ... READ the POST


This past weekend was "OUTX." #BoomerSooner!!! #FuckTexas!! For those who don't have any idea what this means, it's basically my alma mater's black homecoming. OU (Univ. of Oklahoma) and UT (Univ. ... READ the POST

Nola Darling…She’s Gotta Have It

For starters, this series is a reboot of Spike Lee's "She's Gotta Have It" film that debuted in 1986.  I stumbled across "She's Gotta Have It" on Netflix about a month ago and binged the first ... READ the POST