Quarter-Life Crisis…Averted.

quarter-life crisis averted

Before I turned 25, it felt as though I was having a quarter-life crisis or something alike every single year. I was so conflicted about where my life was going and what I was planning to do with my degree if I didn’t plan on going back for my Masters — and I didn’t plan […]

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Goodbye? Or see you later… This is pretty personal I guess, but that’s the point of having this blog, right? I need to release. So, I’m sitting here right now with tears running down my cheeks wondering what purpose my blog really serves anymore. In this moment, I truly feel like walking away and washing […]

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Securing The Bag

Secure The Job | Chasing My 20s

Securing The Bag I spent a lot of time playing myself small after graduating from college when it came to applying for jobs. I knew I had the skills to apply for a better position than the one I was in, but would faithfully talk myself out of doing so. It was the fear of […]

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Temporary Things…

Temporary Things | Chasing My 20s | Personal

I have this weird ideology that everything in life is temporary… This, “don’t get comfortable,” mentality. And, I’m honestly not even sure where this stems from. This thought process causes me to fear getting comfortable in one place; it makes me feel as though getting too settled will somehow trap me in my current phase of life — […]

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